Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The participant must-be healthy enough to fly and should be between the age of 18 -69, by May, 2018.

Date of Launch Party might be subject to change, in line with the first mission final date and it is the right of the organizers to reschedule expected date (May, 2018 – September, 2018).

The Mobile App selection can be traded for money bartered or exchanged among the public and is limited to before March 2018.

Should have international travel passport by December 2017.

Fifa or any concerning authorities are not part of the project hence any activities related to FIFA 18 are not provided, supported or entertained by us. The project is in the same duration hence the participants can see Fifa activities at your own costs.

The candidates should have unlocked 5th stage of the mobile app.

Top 25 people in the age category of 14-17, will also be chosen for a limited edition of the astronaut training program.

This is not a job offer, but is a onetime Space adventure for life time.

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