Suborbital Flight
December 19, 2017

Inline with the Terranaut project we are specialized in the execution of Invitation letters for foreigners who wish to get a Russian visa of any type. We are taking all responsibilities for inviting foreign citizens from all over the world. You obtain your invitation letter as soon as possible and after that, you just need to get Russian visa application in Russian embassy of your country and after you will get in Russian embassy your visa.
We help to execute Invitation letters for foreigners to obtain a single-entry visa to Russia and multiple-visa to Russia.

Our Invitation letters help to get a Russian visa to all citizens of any country with which Russian Federation has diplomatic relations. In Russian embassy your visa will be made from several days to several weeks depends on your country and busyness of embassy. If the foreign citizen in Russian Embassy obtains his visa, he is allowed to enter to Russia and stay here during a certain time.

A typical model of Russian Visa.

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