Project Aztratos

Project Aztratos

Aztratos is a stratospheric capsule that is able to travel to the stratosphere (located between 15 and 50 km in height). The capsule is currently developed with two variant one is pressurized for living venture and unpressurised version for the non-living experiments. It is unique as a platform for high altitude space studies and scientific research. It is based on its ability to be able to carry out flights of stable form (with low G’s) and for a prolonged time in atmosphere compared with other vehicles like investigation aircraft or sounding rockets that can only reach by Short periods of time, or a certain height.

The capsule provides all the system requirements the user needs and the client has a lot of time to focus only on the primary payload and not about it subsystems.The final version of the Capsule will be very cheap as it employs a novel method of reusing helium with every launch.

Application for Aztratos:

The stratosphere Capsule Aztratos could be used for wide range from Government, Commercial and Academic Institutions. The capsule is cheaper way and more effective and localized in solving problem than the Nanosatellites this disruptor in the remote sensing technology is far superior and reliable than drone technology.

It offers to reliable and multiple reusability system thus providing increased capabilities at a fraction of the cost of larger satellites. Compared to Drones and nanosatellite technology our system are versatile, inexpensive and redundancy of systems to your mission.

Human Space Capsule

The capsule will be developed to support human space exploration in both stratosphere and deep space.

Space Mining Confinement Capsule

We are building a prototype for multipurpose capsule, which will develop into a proof of concept. The prototype was tested in Mars Desert Research Station. In future, the capsule is expected to undergo Thermal and High G’s (gravity) test. The Capsule must withstand upto 400’G even when there is failure of Parachute deployment to avoid backward contamination.

Space Observatory

Space observatory is any instrument in outer space which is used for observation of distant planets, galaxies, and other outer space objects. The payloads in our capsule is more beneficial than land based system as weather will not interact/affected the systems data quality.

Agricultural Monitoring

Both Government and commercial users can monitor crops and other agricultural resources through stratosphere observation as they are cheap and reliable compared to on-orbit observation because of low cost, low stress on payload and re-usability.

Weather and Climate Data

Monitor and develop action plans for threatening weather events through stratosphere observation as they are cheap and reliable compared to space-based nanosatellite transmissions because of low cost, low stress on payload and reusability.

Disaster Management

Areas that require human evacuation due to Natural disaster and Man-made disasters are easily assisted by stratosphere observation as they are cheap and reliable compared space-based monitoring. Localized monitoring are performed easily at the area of disasters such as Flooding, Nuclear meltdown, hurricanes, oil spills etc.

Insurance Optimization

Many Insurance companies require quality data to understand the prone risk areas for both commercial and private insurance optimization. Our systems could provide huge amount of data that will help in channel your decision-making and risk assessment.

Maritime Security

Many cargo and shipping ports will be automated and will not have crew thus it is necessary to monitor them and the benefit from stratosphere based data is reliable and helps preventing threats to the Maritime systems.

Oil Monitoring

Oil assets are vast and are important to track them hence these resources and oil stations can be monitored regularly at very low costs.

Wildlife Migration

Forest monitoring should be done in large scale over very short period repeatedly to understand poaching and life of animals you need data to Monitor animal and bird migration activities throughout the year, regardless of season. Our systems will help you exactly the same.