Mission #2 Let’s develop Parachute and Landing Technique

Mission #2 Let’s develop Parachute and Landing Technique

For the People who are participating in Terranaut this is obligatory.

Creativity, team bonding, and innovation are key parameters.

Make a team, film it, reach the objective and submit to us.

Please note:

– The language of the video should be in English/Russian.
– Deadline for submission end of December,2017.
– Submission Process is now open.

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Requirements for the mission

1. To drop an Egg with a parachute as high as possible.

2. The maximum mass of parachute system should be 15% of the egg total mass.

3. The Egg should be able to land 50 cm*50 cm Landing area.

4. Send us the video and documentary of how you were able to fulfill the task.

The evaluation process for the mission

1. The higher the egg is dropped is better.

2. The closer the egg lands near to the Landing area is better.

3. The lighter the parachute system is better.

4. Teamwork spirit.

Consideration for the Team

1. A group of 5 members is allowed.

2. A minimum of 3 people is needed to participate in this competition.

3. Only one candidate who was selected prior should be in each group.

4. Age members for the team 13+.

5. Family and friends are considered as a team.