Edge of Space Trip
December 19, 2017
Train like a Cosmonaut
December 19, 2017


Ever had the feeling that you are “Mars-Earth Simulation” Well, now is the time to make the feeling a reality… Buy our exclusive “Trip to the North Pole Mars Simulation !”

Since the beginning of this century, the North Pole has been attracting people like a light source… Many attempts, through the years, have been made, using a variety of transportation — on foot, dog-sleigh, skis, snowmobile, etc. Explorers from different countries spent their lives striving to reach the North Pole. It is only possible to see it during the short period of time from March to May, as it is surrounded by sea-ice, and in almost total darkness for half the year.

We would like to offer you the best way to get to the North Pole – fly there! About 100 km from the Pole, an ice-landing strip will be constructed, and a special camp with all “mod-cons” will be available to you. Incoming tourists will be accommodated in the camp and will have the chance of reaching the 90th parallel using vehicles of your choice.













To discuss further the above opportunities contact us: tours@terraztra.space