A mobile gaming app will be used as a selection tool.

The game is simple but with subtle themes embedded for selecting the qualified astronauts.

These subtle messages will not interfere with the simple gaming experience.

– 14 people from the age in-between 18 – 69.
– 25 people from the age in between 14 -17 (Limited version of the project).
– 100 people to be selected for preliminary astronauts or remote support team for M.A.R.S.

Expected** to be released on 4th October 2017 dedicated for the 60th Anniversary of sputnik.

– Country of Tourism will organize the tour package in Moscow.
– Gagarin Training center will provide all coaching and trainings.
– Space generation Advisory Council with Mission support and technology Report.
– Valles Marineris for developing habitation module for GMAS.

Mars Astronaut Research Station is real life mars colony simulation. It is the first in the world to accommodate up to 30 crew members. The crew for the first mission to be held in 2018 will be selected by interviews and their expertise from the list of 100 people pre- selected from the Mobile app.

The M.A.R.S selected team could be anything and we expect the crew to be multinational, multilingual and Multi-talented. The selected team could choose to either be astronaut crew or be part of Remote Mission support team. They could be anything from Pilot, Doctor, Engineer, students, tourist, scientist, Artists, Psychologist, entertainers, etc…

Our Ideal crew will be combination of people from different fields. They will be given daily different astronaut tasks and professional task of their interest for scientific research purposes for future human colony.

Our Remote Mission support crew  will provide, monitor and design the tasks and operations to be performed by the crew members.

Project Terranut : 10 -15 days in Moscow.

Project Terranaut limited version for minors: 5 -7 days.

First Mission of M.A.R.S :  2 – 6 months.

All the participants on successful completion will receive certificates from various space departments and associations.

The event is expected to be executed during FIFA -2018; hence, you may have opportunity to witness it at your own costs.

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