Project Eclipstroz

On 21st August 2017, there will be solar eclipse. This phenomenon is always interesting to investigate and we will be working to study the radiation effects on the high atmosphere of the earth and also to study the ejections of the moon particles on earth.

Project Aztratos

Aztratos is a stratospheric capsule that is able to travel to the stratosphere (located between 15 and 50 km in height). The capsule is currently developed with two variant one is pressurized for living venture and unpressurised version for the non-living experiments.

TERRAZTRA – The new way of exploring space

To create Civilizations among stars. We are focused on commercializing space frontier that will benefit humans by exploring and utilizing the space resources. This will be done with many determined and talented people from all disciplines of education. We will bring golden dreams to reality for humanity in visualizing cosmos and beyond. We make a promise to deliver value to all our partners.

Humanity will spread their existence among galaxies. No dreams will be left unconquered. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity will be achieved with creativity. Boundaries will cease to exists where ever mankind will step his foot on any celestial body for creating civilizations.

Terranaut Event

Terraztra Space Exploration provides a beautiful opportunity to train like a Yuri Gagarin for 14 people from anywhere in the world, selected through a worldwide process that will be released on Oct, 2017 dedicated for the 60th anniversary of sputnik.

President of Mexico honored our Team

At the official residence of Los Pinos earlier today, President Enrique Peña Nieto welcomed Yair Israel Piña López, Chief Operating Offcier, Terraztra and Aztralabs. The Mexican president congratulated Yair on his achievement and on honoring Mexico’s name.

He said that Yair is an example of the fact that the new generations are better prepared for the future and can compete internationally on a par with the best in the world. He said that all of Mexico is proud of him, as is his family.